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The Kasara Alliance

Thought Admiral Kamla Epetai Kasara, the first female head of House Kasara, was granted a seat on the Klingon High Council; she is a strong woman who is loyal to the Empire and dedicated to the cause of The Grand Alliance.

This seat was granted partially due to the growing influence of The Kasara Alliance; a network of Major Klingon Houses allied through consortships, adoptions and friendship pacts. The current member houses of the Kasara Alliance are:

  • House Kasara (Major Line)
  • House BaClar (Minor Line)
  • House Cheghjihtah (Minor Line)
  • House Dyzala (Major Line)
  • House Decara (Major Line)
  • House De'Hal (Minor Line)
  • House DoqwI' (Minor Line)
  • House G'Bcyn (Minor Line)
  • House of Gorkon (Major Line)
  • House Jev (Minor Line)
  • House K'Hoska (Minor Line)
  • House of Kor (Minor Line)
  • House K'YaRT'ash (Major Line)
  • House Subaiesh (Major Line)
  • House T'aw (Minor Line)

If your Klingon House or Family Line is interested in becoming part of The Kasara Alliance; please contact the Proctor of House Kasara, to discuss the possibilities of arranging an adoption, friendship pact or possibly to make an offer of consortship. (Please realize that this is a volunteer position, and that our Proctor has other real-life commitments and that it make take some time to respond to your enquiry as a result.)

As a member of the influential Kasara Alliance, you would join a growing number of Klingon "Cousins" who cross the boundaries of age, gender, race, and geography. House Kasara is a forerunner in innovation and has two private schools and a large private Merchant Marine Fleet.

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