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Kasara Merchant Marine Fleet

The Kasara Merchant Marine Fleet (KMMF) has connections on many worlds, both inside and outside the Empire and this has helped the House of Kasara in many aspects.

The Kasara School of Diplomacy and Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps receives up-to-date reports on the political and social situations on various planets; more often than not, before word of anything reaches the ears of the rest of the Empire.

The Kasara Merchant Marine Fleet has also helped the Kasara line to reach an independent status by accumulating extreme wealth, and accordingly, extreme power and influence both within and outside the Klingon Empire.

The flagship and pride of the Merchant Marine Fleet is the IKC Kasara.

Kasara Diplomatic Fleet

There are a number of other ships that fall under the influence of the Line of Kasara; most can be recognized due to the custom of naming them for notable diplomats and leaders within the Empire.

  • IKC Azetbur (Bird of Prey class, Ambassador Lady K'Zin's personal shuttlecraft)
  • IKC Gorkon (Negh'Var class, Admiral Kamla's personal flagship)
  • IKC Kor (Diplomatic Vessel, KIDC)
  • IKC Kurzon (Diplomatic Vessel, KIDC)

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