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History of House Kasara

The origins of this family line date back approximately twelve centuries, when it was a predominantly Imperial Klingon line. The House of Kasara still holds it's large ancestral land holdings on the northern continent of Klinzhai. These immense tracts of land hold a variety of geographical features, from mountain ranges to river valleys and offer a diverse plant and animal life.

In particular, a large dragon-like creature has long been associated with this line, due to the fact that it's natural habitat falls solely within the Kasara domains. Tradition has it that these creatures have been associated with the luck and success of the House of Kasara over the centuries. As a result, statues of these dragon-creatures can often be found in a place of honour within a Kasara household shrine. Many Kasaras can even be recognized because they often wear likenesses of the dragon-creature on brooches, sash pins, pendants or even as body tattoos. To this day, the leaders and heirs of the House carry ceremonial staffs with the head of a dragon that proclaims their position of honour within the line.

This line strongly respects the traits of intelligence, strength, loyalty and honour within it's family members. As a result, it's family motto has long been known as "Death is preferable to Dishonour" or the shortened version of "Death Before Dishonour!".

During the Klingon-Romulan Alliance of the 2260's, an influx of Romulan blood was brought into the line from consortships between House Kasara and several influential Romulan houses. The Kasara bloodlines still exist within the Romulan Star Empire, where it is known under the name of "Khazara".

It was partly due to these close ties of kinship, as well as cunning negotiations from the leadership of House Kasara, that the Romulan cloaking technology was able to be brought to the Klingon Empire in exchange for warp technologies. These were first tested on the jointly designed IKC Khazara ,which boasted the finest of military and engineering technologies of both Empires. This class of ship later developed into what is now known as the "Bird of Prey".

The House of Kasara was brought into the limelight once again when one of the heirs to the line, Brigadier Kerla, was appointed as military advisor to the High Council Leader, Chancellor Gorkon in the late 2280's. After Gorkon's assassination in 2293, Kerla continued to advise and support Gorkon's daughter Azetbur. His strong loyalties during these trying times led to a close relationship and eventual consortship with Chancellor Azetbur. It was due to this tie to the House of Gorkon that House Kasara became a strong supporter of the art of diplomacy, as well as resulting in it's unusual matriarchal system, in honour of Lady Azetbur and her many accomplishments. To this day, a large number of Kasaras have an uncanny skill for diplomacy and are members of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps.

During the Klingon Civil War, the House of Kasara and it's allies supported Gowron in his fight for leadership of the High Council; thereby earning the hatred of the House of Duras. Duras supporters launched a full-scale assault on the Terran Klingon Imperial Embassy in retaliation, but failed to kill their primary target, the Ambassador Lady K'Zin Epetai Kasara, heir to the line.

House Leadership

As a matriarchal Major Family Line, House Kasara is a forerunner of innovation in the Klingon Empire; it actively promotes the superiority of females in many fields and encourages them to achieve highly. As such, there are many highly placed Kasaras in the Empire who are female.

The current leader of the line is Thought Admiral Kamla Epetai Kasara; a strong woman who is loyal to the Empire and dedicated to the cause of the Grand Alliance. The most recent female head of the House of Kasara, she is also one of the few female Admirals to be found in the Empire. This but emphasizes her skills in leadership and her power within the Komerex.

Admiral Kamla was granted a seat on the Klingon High Council, partly due to the growing influence of the Kasara Alliance; a network of major Klingon lines allied through consortships, adoptions and friendship pacts. Currently, the Kasara Alliance has connections with the following family lines: Baclar, Cheghjihtah, De'Hal, Dyzala, Decara, G'Bcyn, Gorkon, Jev, K'Hoska, K'YaRT'ash, Subaiesh and T'aw.

Also in a notable position is the heiress to the line, the Lady K'Zin Epetai Kasara, oldest daughter to Admiral Kamla. Lady K'Zin currently holds the influential position as Klingon Ambassador to Terra and heads the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps mission located there. She is presently consorted to the Leaders of Houses Dyzala, Decara, Jev, K'YaRT'ash and T'aw amongst others, contributing to her high status.

House Composition

The House of Kasara is a matriarchal line and it is best not to insult or raise the ire of any high-ranked Kasara female; as all have graduated from the KaSMA with honours. The line seeks to embrace the ideals of the Grand Alliance and believes that all races and species have their own strengths and skills.

House Kasara is an open, extended family line with a composition of 35% Klingon-Human Fusion, 40% Imperial Klingon, 20% Klingon-Romulan Fusion and 5% Other (Human, Vulcan, etc.). The line is estimated to have between 30,000 to 35,000 members throughout the Empire with approximately 40+ members (as well as another 100+ Kasara Alliance "relatives") located on Terra. It welcomes new members, particularly females, who have intelligence, skill, strength, loyalty and are willing to bring honour to the line.


 House of Kasara - In Memoriam

On Stardate 0402.24, the House of Kasara regretfully announced the loss of it's senior-most member, Lord Ki'aanu Kasara, aged 82 Terran years. We invite you to sign the Kasara Book of Condolences in memory of such a great leader and warrior.

* Sign the Book of Condolences *


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