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What are Klingon Family Lines?

The Klingon Empire is composed of hundreds of family lines, commonly referred to as Houses. A family line may be considered as a Major or Minor House depending on its size, wealth and political influences within the Klingon Empire.

A family line is not necessarily composed entirely of blood relations; if a line is open, it will occasionally adopt new members if they have skills, contacts or material goods that will bring honour, fame or fortune to the House. While the customs for ratification vary from line to line, generally any family member can sponsor another individual for adoption into his house line. According to certain sources within the Empire, if the newcomer is exceptionally ambitious, the offering of handsome gifts, donations and/or bribes when requesting adoption with a line could offer many extra benefits in return.

Why join a Klingon Family Line?

The average Klingon hopes to gain advantages from alliance with a family line (see The Kasara Alliance), not the least of which is protection. In this context, protection ranges from the money to buy off potential enemies (both inside and outside the Empire) to the provision of trustworthy bodyguards for those in higher command positions. In addition, the individual benefits from the reputation and social status of his new family. The individual line member must contribute to the welfare of the House with their loyalty and defense in the cause of the line.

Benefits of Joining House Kasara

The House of Kasara is unusual in that it is a matriarchal line. It seeks to embrace the ideals of the Grand Alliance and believes that all races and species have their own strengths and skills.

House Kasara is an open, extended family line with a composition of 35% Klingon-Human Fusion, 40% Imperial Klingon, 20% Klingon-Romulan Fusion and 5% Other (Human, Vulcan, etc.). It is therefore much more open to the possibility of admitting potential members who are not of pure "Imperial Klingon" blood.

The line is estimated to have between 30,000 to 35,000 members throughout the Empire with approximately 40+ members (as well as another 100+ Kasara Alliance "relatives") located on Terra.

It welcomes new members, particularly females, who have intelligence, skill, strength, loyalty and are willing to bring honour to the line.

Membership within the House of Kasara brings with it much honour and respect within the Empire. It will bring many opportunities, from meeting other people with similar interests in both Star Trek and Klingon culture.

After a probationary period, members who have contributed in some manner to the honour of the House, may also be eligible to receive their own private email address, such as <>.

How to Join the House of Kasara

If you believe you have skills, knowledge or other attributes that could bring into the House in exchange for it's protection and status, you are welcome to write a brief letter of application, detailing your background (both real and Klingon persona), any experience or participation in other clubs or groups, any skills or experience that you can bring to the line, and explaing your interest in joining the House of Kasara. Please send your letter to: and CC a copy of it to the House Proctor at:

You will receive your confirmation as soon as possible. Please remember that we are volunteers with real-life obligations, and are not always able to respond as quickly as you'd like due to real-life obligations. We thank you in advance for your patience.

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