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Kasara School of Diplomacy (KaSDi)

The skill of true diplomacy is a relative newcomer to the Klingon Empire and so far the important task of training new diplomats has fallen to the hands of the staff of the Kasara School of Diplomacy (KaSDi).

Through a continuing series of visiting guest speakers, the KaSDi familiarizes its students with the cultures and customs of other worlds, as well as training them in a variety of languages.

One of our most honoured guest speakers was the late Da'Har Master Kor, whose previous diplomatic experience includes the prestigious position of Ambassador to Vulcan. Ambassador Kor presented a regular series of seminars to senior KaSDi students regarding the finer points of diplomatic strategy with specific species.

KaSDi was also proud to welcome the honourable Kurzon Dax, who was notable in negotiating many treaties on behalf of the Klingon Empire.

The KaSDi's track record is impressive, the majority of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps has received some or all of its training at the School.

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