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Kasara School of Military Arts (KaSMA)

The Kasara School of Military Arts or KaSMA, is widely considered the best in the Empire and has an overwhelming number of applications each year. And yet, only one in a hundred are skilled enough to meet the stringent minimum qualifications for entrance and only a small percentage of those ever make it to graduation.

All the instructors are experienced veterans, each specializing in a different aspect of military theory, combat readiness, tactics and theory, martial arts and weapons training.

The KaSMA also has the honour of welcoming several Da'Har Masters (including the late Commander Kor) who have shared the wisdom of their years of experience with our students through a series of continuing hands-on seminars.

Many of the students, after a series of "field stages", often go on to become instructors at other schools in the Empire. It is strongly rumoured that this School also serves to train the best assassins in the Klingon Empire.

Weaponry Exhibit

KaSMA also works in conjunction with the Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild to provide it's students with access to the best bladed weaponry within the Empire. Many of the Guild's works are also featured in the KaSMA's famous Bladed Weapons Gallery, which is considered by many to be the highlight of any visit to Klinzhai. A titanium replica of the Sword of Kahless, forged by Guildmaster K'Daq is one of it's most famous displays.

Mok'bara Classes

The KaSMA also offers a series of Mok'bara courses that are open to the general Klingon populace, as a public service to the Empire.

For the uninitiated, Mok'bara is an ancient form of martial art, that aids in the development of concentration, coordination, flexibility, strength and speed. It is widely practiced throughout the Empire by Klingons of all ages and genders. Most Klingons begin their introduction to Mok'bara at a very early age and continue receiving instruction in it throughout their lives.

Mok'bara participants traditionally wear a loose-fitting cream-white uniform, with a coloured shoulder stripe that denotes their skill level. After decades of instruction, practice, dedication and skill, only the highest level of Mok'bara veterans are finally recognized by the title of "Da'Har Master".

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